AD*Star Block Bottom Sacks / Bags


An important innovation technology in the packaging industry was first introduced by Starlinger & Co. and is now manufactured by PLATINIUM and recognized world wide…

AD*STAR® is the renowned block bottom sack made without adhesives from coated polypropylene fabric – patented worldwide by Starlinger and made exclusively on Starlinger machines. The sack can be produced either as a one-layer block bottom valve bag or as an open mouth bag with a block bottom. It surpasses all comparable products as far as resistance to breakage is concerned, is versatile and also eco-friendly and economical.

Customization Options:

  • Open mouth or valve sack
  • With or without perforation
  • UV Protection: 200 to 1600 hours
  • Denier : 400 & above
  • Width: 350 to 600 mm
  • Length: 450 to 910 mm
  • Bottom Width: 80 to 180 mm
  • Colors: As specified by the customer
  • Capacity: As specified by the customer
  • Printing: Up to 6 colors on one or both sides with corona treatment/ Halftone Printing