We offer high quality wholesale bags that are used for packaging of products such as rice, flour, salt, chocker, maida, animal feed and more. Made from high quality material, these bags have a high strength and are ideal for bulk packaging of various products. Our range of BOPP bags provide convenience in use, perfect protection for external factors and at the same time do not affect the inherent attributes of the product. We can offer tailor made bags to meet the specific requirements of different applications.


Customization Options:

  • Straight or Waive Cut
  • With or without Gusseting
  • With or without perforation
  • Denier : 400 & above
  • Width: 12″- 38″
  • Length: As specified by the customer
  • Colors: As specified by the customer
  • Capacity: As specified by the customer
  • Single fold or double fold bottom
  • Single or double stitched