Quality Assurance

All our manufacturing units have quality certifications of ISO 9001: 2015 and we enjoy extremely good rapport with all our customers for our quality of product and punctuality of supplies.

We have a BIS Licence to supply ISI marked Rigid PVC Pipes.

It is our Quality Policy to achieve and maintain quality of products consistently to meet customer requirements and to strive for continual improvement.

isoISO 9001-2015 Certified
iipIIP Test Certificate of FIBC

Quality objectives:

  • To make continual improvement in the Product
  • To meet customer requirements to his satisfaction
  • To control non-conforming products
  • To develop and support quality vendors
  • Train employees for improvement in skill and for benefits of the business


The top management is committed towards development and improvement of the quality management system in the organisation.

The organisation has been well communicated the importance of meeting customer’s requirements as well as regulatory and legal requirements. The agenda of the Management Review Meeting includes the discussion on all points related to continual improvement in processes of quality management system as well as in product also. Any action decided for continual improvement of any process or for product by the top management is communicated by the concerned section in-charge to the workers.

The quantified quality objectives have been established and are audited and measured during Internal Quality Audit. The same is also discussed in the Management Review Meeting.

All the executives identify the resources required to meet the contractual obligations related to the products and the same is compiled and discussed in the Management Review Meeting for further improvement.

All the resources required to fulfil the requirements of the customers and to achieve Quality Objectives of the organisation are always made available. All the planning is done in a controlled manner so that the integrity of Quality Management System is maintained during any change in system and working of the Quality Management System shall not be affected during these changes. All the facilities and manpower is provided accordingly.

To achieve quality product, the standards of acceptability have been well defined in the form of Quality Plan for all stages of process.

The requirement of the customer is clearly outlined and understood. The management sees that all the terms and conditions are met within the time frame. To enhance customer satisfaction, the marketing department requests feedback from customers which are evaluated by the management.

To further strengthen our Quality Control, we have engaged an independent inspection agency to inspect all our goods in production as well as before dispatch. This helps us in ensuring that there is no quality complains during the use of these bags by our clients.

All the quality system planning and programs are monitored through the Management Review Meeting at defined intervals.